Across The Pond

Thursday’s finally come, which means the lovely wife and I will be skipping our stones across the pond for a British vacay.  As such, the blog will be a pared-down travel blog for the next few weeks.
We are so fortunate to have good friends watching our dogs at our house while we are gone.  I took them (dogs, not friends) for a final walk Wednesday morning.  They’ve seen the suitcases; they know the deal.  We walked a loop in my hood that we walk all the time.  They trotted contented in the early morning haze.

That travel broadens the mind is about as cliche as it gets. When the dogs walk a new trail, they furiously sniff and probe every speck of dirt.  All is new and fanciful.  Taking our first international trip since our wedding, we, too, are excited to break from familiar paths, to eat new food, see new sights, expose ourselves to new ways of thought.  The U.K. is not an undiscovered country, but living in its customs and language for a few weeks will be a discovery for and of ourselves.

Look for intermittent updates as we travel.  I apologize in advance for the photos shot on my phone.  It’s the only communicative device I’m taking.  Those of you who know the brilliance of Nic’s photography will have to wait until she gets home to see the pro stuff.

Until the next epistle, wish us safe travels.  We are London bound.


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